Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Family portraits

We had planned to get a family portrait done before Sam left on his mission, but because he is now going straight to Manchester from his summer research gig in Germany (most of you probably know by now that he got his reporting date moved to August 29 -- allowing him to return from his mission in time for the fall quarter), we'll not get a chance. We will make do with a slightly out-of-date photo from Feb./Mar. of last year.

Inspired by one of our very favorite films, "Amelie" (an edited version of which we received for Christmas from Jay's family a couple of years back before legal proceedings shut down the "edited film" businesses), which features a major subplot involving self-serve photobooths in Paris train stations, we got this pic. It was on our last trip to Paris, and we managed to get everyone except Mom and Dad into the photobooth.

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