Monday, December 17, 2007

Elder Jon Pimentel 12/15/2007

Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2007 10:01 AM
Subject: Kuv ua nej tsaug ov!

Hello everyone! Things are exciting here, what with Christmas and everything. The snow drifts a lot, so even when it doesn't snow, the people still have to shovel the drifted snow.

We had some bike trouble, but it's all good now. Elder Wilson's back tire went flat, and we were on foot the rest of that day. We spent time to go to target and get a new tube with that green goop that's supposed to make it self-seal punctures, but after riding that for a half hour, it was flat too. We looked at the tire and found a staple stuck in there *groan*.

We're valiantly battling illness here. Most of us are on the brink of actually getting sick, then we get better and then after a while we start getting sick again. Nothing has knocked us off our feet yet.

I got the two packages! One I picked up at zone conference, but the other was mailed to me. I also got one from Jay's family. Thank you so much! I haven't listened to all of the music yet, but the Julie Andrews Christmas CD is a huge hit with our apartment. Do any of the CDs have "Oh, Fortuna" or "Claire de Lune" on them? I love those songs.

A while back I went on an exchange in Minneapolis and the Woods family fed us. Brother Woods says he knows Uncle Jay.

Yesterday morning it was a whopping 1 degree without the windchill, and around -15 to -18 with it. Have you ever experienced snotcicles? You don't notice them until you go inside. My coat is still keeping my warm, but I'm getting more insulated gloves today.

Pa's baptismal date is fixed on the 29th of December, and she's getting a little more excited about it.

I don't know if I've told you about Meng, but he's an investigator with whom the missionaries have been working for many months. He has marvelous faith, and is very sincere. He's one of those people that really gets it. He hadn't been progressing at all for a very long time because he lives with his father and his father doesn't like him investigating church. Meng has been scared to go to church or be baptized because of his father. He reads and prays and has a firm testimony, but figured he'd wait until he gets a place of his own before he starts coming to church. Recently we had a very powerful lesson about the plan of salvation. He said that seeing the big picture again reminded him how important this is, and how short life is. He has decided to stop procrastinating and to take some big steps. We asked him what he can do in this life to prepare to meet God, and he thought for a few seconds and said "..Wow....I guess I'd better get baptized pretty soon!" The gospel has already changed his life drastically, and it's very exciting to see him take it to the next level and prepare truly demonstrate his faith by doing some scary things. Meng is really into faith. So much so that he tattooed the verse from Alma 32 that talks about how 'faith is believing things which are not seen, which are true' on his arm.

Mai Houa STILL hasn't been to church, but it's not her fault; she really wants to go. As soon as she does, and her husband commits to go every week, we can set a date.

We found some new investigators too. Kong and Teng are already Christian, and Kong is really into the Holy Spirit. He only believes things of which he receives a personal testimony from the Holy Spirit. He has committed to pray about the Book of Mormon, so we're excited to hear how that went.

Well, I have to go soon.

[Muaj ib hnub] Christmas [zoo siab nawj!]

-Elder Muaj Yeej

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