Sunday, January 11, 2009

From Jon 1/10/09

Subject: Cov dej uas txawj kho mob

Nyob zoo!

Today is very a happy day! Tau muaj peb leej ua kev cai raus dej! (Three people were baptized---it rhymes in Hmong)

The theme for the past two days has been, "There's been a change of plans..." I don't have time to list all the different ways our plans kept getting disrupted and amended. We spent the last half of Thursday with the Zone Leaders, about which we did not know anything until they called us that morning. They said we were going to split up into two teams for that time, which meant we had to spent all companionship study re-planning from 3:00 on. (It had been switched from 7:00 previously). To make a very, very, long story short, they kept changing their minds and deciding things at the last minute and we had to adjust. One of these last-minute plot twists was that they stayed the night in our luxurious and spacious estate. They had never visited our apartment before, and we warned them what they were getting into, but I guess they didn't believe us. They sleep over at other teams' apartments all the time, and usually sleep on the couch or easy chair cushions and carpet. We don't have room for a sofa. We have no carpet. We have one easy chair cushion, and our beds fit wall-to-wall. One of them slept on our Ab-lounge until about 1:30, then retreated to the floor at the feet of our beds. The other was also on the remaining space on the floor, using my dirty laundry bag as a pillow, and the cloth Christmas tree as a sleeping pad. Next time I think they will plan ahead.

The baptism continued the theme. We spent a great deal of time planning the baptism and organizing the program, only to have everybody tell us they were just going to do it their way. It was pretty hectic and stressful, especially when nobody showed up until 10 minutes passed when it was to begin---not even the branch president. By 15 minutes past, The branch president showed up and told us that Bao's brother couldn't perform the baptisms because he hadn't been re-activated for long enough. Great. He was already in the jumpsuit and we took pictures. And now, behold, I write not a hundredth part of the many last minute snags and changes which came to pass in preparation for this event, but it sufficeth me to say it all worked out. For behold, it came to pass that by 30 minutes passed, there was a multitude gathered and the spirit of the Lord dwelled in their hearts. It was beautiful. We performed a musical number in Hmong, which went rather well. Elder Tshwj Xeeb (Hill) baptized all three of them, and they are a happy bunch. I'll send pictures next time. I remembered my camera, but I don't have time this week. I'll also include a picture of the five of us camping out in one very snug bedroom.

I labbachu! Sib ntsib dua!

-Elder Moua Ying

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