Saturday, February 7, 2009

From Jon 2/7/2009

Subject: huab cua zoo nkauj

Nyob zoo!
We've had a good week! Lots of new investigators and some really good conversations. We were visiting a referral that lives in a part of town we usually don't get around to, and we talked to a man named Eugene outside of his home. He was very friendly (and funny) and told us all about his beliefs and what he didn't like about most churches these days. He wasn't against churches, but he was tired of priestcraft etc. He described the way he felt a church should be, based on the teachings of Christ, and the model of His church in the New Testament. We were pretty excited because he was describing our church. He mentioned non-paid ministry, everyone getting a chance to speak once in a while, and a handful of other things that are pretty unique to our church. He had tons of faith, and he recognized the Holy Ghost immediately when we began talking to him, and told us so. To make a long story a little shorter, he wants to check out church, we exchanged information, and we gave his information to the Mika Elders. That's one thing I liked about LaCrosse---I could teach people that I find like that, and I didn't have to turn them over. I don't mind though. It was a great experience to talk to him, and it really strengthened my faith and helped me re-realize how great a blessing it is to have the fullness of the gospel. Our church is everything a church should be, lacking nothing. We have the potential to be everything disciples of Christ should be. We have the knowledge and the power to be like the Nephite saints who lived during the 200 years of righteousness and prosperity following the resurrected Lord's visit to their people. Neat.

We made it out of January! Huzzah! This past January has been the coldest January in Minnesota in *150* years! As a reward for surviving, we have been granted gorgeous weather for the latter part of this week. It has been above freezing! Things are actually dripping!

We had dinner with the Holts a handful of days ago. They know Doug and Ribeka. They are the new office secretary and financial secretary for the mission.

A member of our branch invited us to her little girl's birthday party, which is today. Much of her non-member family will be there. I'm going to bring my balloon animal balloons. Should be fun.

We, the four missionaries in this branch, are the activities committee for the branch. A less active lady was called as the Activities committee chair in order to help get her involved, but there was no committee for her to be the chair of. Anyway, this means we will have to be at the branch valentine's dance, but we will have to leave as soon as the music starts. I hope we have enough time to talk to people before we have to go.

Congrats to Kenty and his dance-a-ling! Haib tsawv 'os (pretty cool)! I wish I could have seen it. In Hmong, dancing is called "jumping beautifully". Hmong is fun. There is supposedly going to be someone teaching a little ballroom dancing at the branch valentine's dance, but I doubt it will be anything more than some laurel who took a semester of ballroom teaching the youth an awkward, basic waltz. It's a very small branch. Ah, well, what can you do?

Well, I've got to go, thanks for everything, and I love you all!
-Elder Moua Ying

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