Sunday, April 19, 2009

From Jon 4/18/2009

Subject: Vajtswv pheej foom koob hmoov rau wb

Nyob zoo tsev neeg!
Buenos dias! I hear that there will now be two Spaniard Fifes out in the vineyard. One in Chile and one in the DR. Neat.
Richard will have been a member for a year come September, and he and Krissee plan on being sealed. I hope there is some way I can attend.

Nothing changed with the new transfer, but we did get a whole bunch of blessings all at once. We have some promising new investigators!
Thib ib: Angelena---45-55, friend of a strong member, has been to our church one or two times in the past, and liked it. She has had a copy of the BoM in Hmong for a long time, and has been reading it! Not only that, but she understands it, loves it, and knows the stories very well. We were discussing one difference between the bible and the BoM is that the Bible has been through many hands and languages of men, and is therefore less clear in teaching the same truth, while the BoM was translated by God's power. I explained how Joseph had little schooling, but the Lord gave him knowledge and wisdom to know what the writings meant. Angelena then astounded us by saying something to the effect of, "Oh yes, that makes sense. This way there is no more confusion. God frequently reveals wisdom and knowledge to his prophets little by little by little. Like when he showed Nephi everything that happened in the past and will happen in the future, and when He gave Lehi instructions little by little as they fled Israel and traveled in the plains and jungles, and when Jacob was telling Joseph about the ancient Joseph in Egypt and how he knew his grandchildren would be preserved." Once we gathered our respective jaws up from the floor, we asked her why hasn't been going to our church. She said she didn't know. She'd always just gone to the Hmong Alliance church, and that's the one her kids like. No one ever invited her to join our church...just to attend every once in a while. I guess she must have figured that it doesn't matter which church you attend, but you should actively seek the truth. We didn't have time then, but we plan to explain authority next time.

Thib ob: Mai See, 15-16, met her on her way home from school. She is very bright, Christian, and recognizes the importance of spirituality and preparing for the life after. She understands very well, and seems responsible and committable. Happy day.

Thib peb: The Yang family. I can't remember the father's name. Maybe...Vam Tshoj, or something like that. We'll Mikafy that to be Va Cho. We talked to Va Cho and his wife as they were coming home from something. They invited us in. They called all of the kids that were home to gather around. Here they come..1...2,3,4..5,6...7.....8. We asked how many kids they have. "Oh, ten---no, wait...eleven, but three aren't home." They all sat around us on the floor attentively. Not even the little ones were running around doing cartwheels and screaming. Teenagers were not constantly walking in and out and through. They were all participating and asking all the right questions. Especially Ying, whose name was actually Chi Moua Ying, but everyone just called him Ying, so when they came to America three years ago, he just put his legal name as Ying Yang. Ying asked questions like, "Why are there so many religions in the world that worship the same God?" and "Why did Jesus die on the cross?" and "How does God answer our prayers?" They're all way nice. That was 10 solid new investigators in one blow! What's more, Va Cho lets his kids go to church!

Love ya! See ya!

-Elder Moua Ying

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