Thursday, September 10, 2009

From Kent 9/7

Subject: Downhill from here!

¡Es muy loco pensar que ya estoy pasado la media de mi tiempo aquí! Todas cosas estan bien y los distritos nuevos han cabido bien tambien.

Pretty much things are rolling along at the same pace here, and that pace is very very very fast it seems, at least as far as weeks are concerned. No new district this week so I don't have to be trangling them all around town while trying to keep up me studies and other duties of organizing church.

Sadly, the temple was closed today due to it being Labor day and all such things, so I did not get that lovely blessing. Fast sunday was great however, we had mission conference which was very neat, we heard from all the MTC presidents and their wives. These meetings go by very quickly when you're paying attention and taking notes, etc. The two hours were up far before I thought they would be. As of last or... maybe two weeks ago we are now the 2nd most senior district in the zone! ¡Oy! ¿Tiempo pasa tan rapido, a cierto?

The Church is true. Yes, yes it is. Verily. I keep geeking out about that at times, and get some fun responses. A few of my ward members from BYU have trangled their way into my same building for classes, so we run into each other a lot. We started an interesting exercise this week, practicing teaching investigators as though they are real people. I.E., fill out a teaching record of someone I know (Nick Grossaint) and ask someone else to be him after I give a bunch of characteristics etc. With the help of the Spirit, inspiration comes to ways that that person can be helped to understand the Gospel and come to Christ. It makes the "exercise" a lot more real, especially since it's to be done as a progressing investigator, with follow-ups, etc.

Our district has bonded together very tightly, had many a Spiritual experience. Thank goodness for the Holy Ghost and our fantastic teacher Hna. Scaife!

At the fireside last night Steven Graham spoke about how a Soviet ambassador came for a "15 minute"stay at the MTC and was shown to one of the Russian classes. He came out an hour and 15 minutes later with tears in his eyes and exclaimed "This is the REAL United Nations!" The Gospel is true, and living it blesses the people of the Earth in all ways. I haven't much more time, so I shall bid thee all adieu! I love you all!

Elder Kent Pimentel

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