Tuesday, December 15, 2009

From Kent 12/7/09

Subject: ¡Hola Flami!‏

Computer asploded again. I am to be brief then.

Yasna is doing well! We weren't able to get in contact with her since our first lesson, but we talked with her member friend, the mother of her boyfriend, and she's been reading and praying consistently. We were able to talk with her yesterday, and she's prayed about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and knows them to be true!! Now they only trick is resolving the situation, as she's somewhat living with her boyfriend, who is an inactive member. What she wants is to go to Church with him, so this will require that they get married, which will also require some bishop talkings.

After a long long day of fruitless appointments and contacting, at our last house we found Berta. She was very happy to talk with us, and was relieved to finally know what the purpose of baptism is. Lots of people in truth don't know that it's for the remission of sins. After talking she was very delighted about everything, and was excited to have us come visit again!

I was flipping through the Liahona of November with all the General Conference talks, and who should I see taking up half a page but Molly Goodrich singing! Good work 15th ward!

The Church is true, God loves you, so do I!

Elder Pimentel

''I hear.... Chile singing...'' (''Working''' silhouettes)

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