Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm Getting Married!

It's official, I will soon be Cari Ann Enesa. My husband to be is Desmond Troy Enesa, aka Dez, born and raised right here in Hawaii. He's working construction full time as of now(if anyone knows of any jobs on the mainland in that field let us know!) We met back the first week of August at the BYUH gym (he had a class with one of my roommates who introduced us) It wasn't until my surfing accident (9 staples in my calf from my fin) that I had to let him help me because I was on crutches and useless which gave him the opening to show me how much he cared. Thats when the L word came into play. LOVE. Now we're making our plans to seal the eternal deal. We're not sure exactly when, but maybe the fall(september, right before my last semester at BYUH.) but who knows. I'll keep everyone posted! Much Love

-Cari Ann

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Jay P said...

Congratulations! Your mom and I are thrilled.