Monday, June 28, 2010

From Kent 5/31

¡Hola Familia!‏


Congrats and ¡¡welcome to Amber Hanami!! I don't remember what my guess was when I was asked Mother's day; ¿anyone remember? The week passed really quickly, mostly a normal week though. We took some time aside to set up a table and talk at the people in the streets. You can talk with a lot more people that way. This last week we had more contacts than the sector has had for an average for the past three cambios. (Before, "due to bikes" this sector would have about 160, 135, contacts accumulated over a period of six weeks. We did 188 in one.)
It looks like half the zone of Chillan will be transferring this next cambio -two weeks-. So will the President. We'll see what changes come about with President Humphrey. It's kind of strange to change Presidents, so we'll see what new things come. I think I talked last time about the Soto family (family of four). They're doing well, Jorge the younger (15 years) has come to EVERY church activity there has been over the last week, seminary, mutual, church, get togethers of the youth, etc. He'll be a strong one. Not too much progress with the rest of everyone else, but we're getting some great support from the members.
We need 4 more tithe-paying Melchizedek Priesthood holders to become a ward. There currently are Hector and Manuel, two recent converts that only have to wait time to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood, we're struggling to fully activate one of the Brothers so that he can receive the Priesthood and baptize his son (which the both want to happen) and we have two of the members of the Soto family that could do so. So I might be here to see it happen!
As for the bikes, I found out that repairs are actually very very very low in price. We got a completely ruined tire and brakes fixed for 500 pesos ($1).

The Church is true, God loves you, so do I!
Elder Kent Pimentel

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