Monday, July 5, 2010

From Kent 7/5

Dulce y amargo‏

¡Hola Familia!
This has been a week to remember, a week of surprises and change. We got a call Tuesday night from Hno. Lopez, the member who introduced the Soto family (Jorge, Jeanet, Edgardo, Jorge) to the gospel, telling us that Jeanet, the mom of the family, was in the hospital, so we called the Elders in that sector to go by and give a blessing. We're still not really sure what it was, a stroke or what have you, but Wednesday morning she passed away.
Sadly their baptismal date was for the end of the month as they still needed to get married through the municipality, but the good news is that she had fully accepted the Gospel to the greatest of her ability at that point. We stayed in the Church almost all of Wednesday and Thursday for the viewing as family from the neighboring cities streamed in. We learned that there are a total of 7 children that they have, not just Jorge and Edgardo. Jorge Sr. set the goal of July next year to go with all his family to be sealed and to the temple work for her. The thing that amazes me still is how well the family took it, especially Jorge Sr. Having come to know the Restored Gospel only two months earlier, he was at peace knowing exactly where she is, what needs to be done, and that she had done her part in giving her sons to The Lord. Others of the children that did not know of the Gospel didn't handle the blow as well, it was apparent.
Jorge Sr. bore his testimony yesterday in a very spiritual Fast & Testimony meeting. His daughter-in-law and granddaughter that were still in town accompanied them to Church, having seen the drastic change in Edgardo since getting to know the Gospel. We met with her last night and having talked a little bit expressed desire to know more and have the missionaries visit them in Concepción. Jorge Sr. suggested the possibility of her doing the necessary Temple work for Jeanet, and she liked the idea.
Unfortunately we couldn't go to the actual Funeral service as we were called to a conference in Concepción to meet President and Sister Humphrey. They come with a great and powerful Spirit, and as of yet we know of but a few changes. Conferences and Interviews with the President are going to be more sparse. Instead of every 6 weeks, it's moving to twelve. (Yes, that means it will probably take three months for me to get any packages, etc. Unless something else changes) Also, Preach My Gospel got revitalized and renewed. I didn't fully understand, but it seems they're taking the 4 lessons that exist and chopping them down into 8. I'm not really sure what other changes, but there's also going to be a new program of how to teach the lessons.
I hope all enjoyed a splendid 4th of July, I did sing a good many patriotic songs, and came to the realization that every patriotic song I know I can only sing with Barbershop tones. There seem to be many patriotic barbershop songs.
Much love,
Elder Kent Pimentel

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