Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Update from Germany

Merry Christmas to all of you! We rejoice in this time of year to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

The last few months have been filled with joyous experiences and opportunities. A few highlights include attending several stake conferences. Both the Berlin and Hamburg Stake celebrated their 50th anniversary and the Neum√ľnster Stake celebrated its 30th anniversary. They were special meetings to attend as we were able to see the numerous Saints gathered together in buildings that were filled to overflowing. We felt their warmth and love and heard stories and testimonies of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We have been working hard to raise the awareness of the Church in Germany. Updates on the German website have been made, new pass along cards with the Church website in large print have been and continue to be distributed, now over ½ million. People are finding the cards and calling the missionaries. Most recently, we had a new street display made that is “a banner unfurled” and will “wave to all the world”. It has a picture of Christ on it and draws people to know more. We hear miracle stories on a regular basis. The street displays have been such a hit that many stake presidents are buying them for each of the ward/branch buildings. In the first week a young man saw it, met with the Elders and is progressing towards baptism. Our street displays are also set up in the lobby of the Church building when not in use so people are walking in off the street, into the building and asking for information. We love it. The missionaries love to teach and are doing a great job.

There are currently 200 missionaries in our mission and we love them dearly. It is a joy to receive their phone calls and hear the excitement in their voices when they set a baptism date. With the missionaries that come and those that go, trips to the airport, zone conferences, interviews and training, we keep plenty busy. There is nothing like being on a full time mission and taking part as the invitation to “Come Unto Christ” is extended. We witness the miracle of seeing lives changed, families joined together and know that it is because of their testimony of Christ. We too testify that God lives, Jesus is the Christ and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth today. We love you all and wish you a Merry Christmas!

Love, Jay & Colleen & Mike

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