Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bret goes to China

I just returned from my triumphant Far Eastern tour. The state of Georgia opened an economic development in Beijing, and the governor's office invited the UGA Jazz Ensemble along to perform at a grand opening event. We were there for a little under a week.

The complete photo album is here, but I picked out a few good ones for you below. You're welcome.

Things like this start to happen when you've been on an airplane for 14 hours.

The new Olympic Stadium (aka the Bird's Nest), shot from a moving bus.

The governor's office put us up in the Beijing Ritz-Carlton, which was REALLY nice. This is probably why, despite Aunt Nancy's best efforts, I had to pay some Georgia state taxes this year.

At the Great Wall.

I bought an embarrassing number of flutes in China. Leslie was very patient with me when I got home.

At Tsinghua University, China's top university. This pond is famous in China because there's a poem about it that Chinese schoolchildren have to memorize.

At Tsinghua with a couple of students who are members of the concert band, a campus club. No music courses are offered there. Also no world wide web access. My name tag reads, "Brent Pimentel."

Georgia governor Sonny Perdue gave a speech at the University. "There's a phrase in Latin, 'Semper fi.' It means 'seize the day.'" I kid you not, that's how he started his speech. Later, he incorrectly identified the round Tsinghua University seal as the seal of the state of Georgia. Hey, I voted for the other guy.

Beijing subway. The map makes it all look very tidy and orderly. My dazed expression tells you otherwise.

Scorpions on a stick, anyone? How about seahorses? When something looks like that, it's nature's way of telling you you're not supposed to eat it.

In the Forbidden City, once the imperial residence.

Tiananmen Square. As you can see, I have purchased a couple more flutes (they're a different kind).

I jammed a little with the piano player in the hotel lounge.

Coconut. On the sign to the right (your right) of my head, you can just make out the five Olympic mascots, a sort of Power-Rangers-meets-the-Care-Bears thing.

It was a great trip!

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The Provo Pimentels said...

The pictures are wonderful! I loved my visit to China and hope you did as well. The people are fantastically accomodating and the culture is one you will never forget. China has so many hidden treasures it was fun to relive them vicariously through your pictures and remarks.