Friday, April 18, 2008

The End is Near in Provo!

Recent events in Provo give me cause to post again. Lands' End flew Ribeka and me out to Dodgeville to house hunt last month. We had picked out six houses that looked good from the pictures and the specifications we were able to access online. After meeting with our Realtor, and visiting the six houses, only one stood out. By standing out, I mean it didn't scare us to death. Many of the houses in Dodgeville are well over 100 years old. The basements remind me of medieval dungeons, and the attics look like batman could have lived, and died there. At the end of our search we felt really good about the one house, and proceeded to meet with my future boss, who happens to also be our new Branch President. He was going to take us for a quick office tour up at Lands' End. When we stopped by his house, he mentioned that he had put his house on the market last year as FSBO. They were interested in moving. We expressed interest, he showed us around, and he has just accepted our offer to buy. Odd course of events that we are moving to a town, and we will be buying my Branch President's/Boss's house! It is going to be an excellent place to start. We feel lucky to buy at a time when the market is the way it is, and with a house that has been cared for and protected by a great family. Everything happens for a reason.

Other events... I took the GMAT exam, it went well enough that the number of B-Schools that I expected would accept me grew. In efforts to stay modest, you'll have to contact Gary or Lori to get the number score I got, but I was surprised. :) I plan to begin B-School (somewhere) in Fall of 2012.

I am halfway through finals now, and should be studying right now for Developmental Economics, but I just read a 40 page research paper on "The Demographic Transition: Three Centuries of Fundamental Change" and it bored me to tears.

Tiara is saying words, and is doing O.K. with potty training. She lets us know sometimes, when she remembers. She will be upgrading to a toddler bed when we make the move. We don't know if that will be too much change all at once, but she'll get used to it eventually.

Ribeka is doing an excellent job of getting us ready to go. She is collecting furniture at bargain basement prices from garage sales so that we can have furniture in our house. That's an advantage of having a company pay for your move. You can accumulate furniture you know you'll need, and then you never have to pick it up to move it! I figure that since being in the EQ presidency, I've helped enough families move in and out of Wymount that I don't have to feel guilty watching a moving company move our stuff :).

Pics are coming!

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