Saturday, May 17, 2008

From Jon 5/17/2008

Sent: Saturday, May 17, 2008 4:36 PM
Subject: Minneapolis: Episode 2

Nothing changed with the new transfer, but next transfer we are expecting 3 new Hmong-speaking Elders.

I caught the neighbors home and they had the package! They had taken it inside because it was raining. I brought it inside and opened it up, and found that a large swarm of ants had prepared a surprise party for me and they were rather enjoying themselves and the bounteous refreshments. Had I known they were there I would not have brought the box inside yet, but there it was on my desk. Once they learned that I planned to remove some of the contents of the box, the party quickly turned into a skirmish. In the end, the homemade treats were compromised, the pictures had long since perished from water damage, but all other contents survived. The ants, however, did not (save it were a few that yet remained in the box when it was cast into the outside garbage can. A pencil can with a very flat lid earned a medal of Valor and the title "The Ant Crusher". We labeled it and everything.

UPS called to try to help, and now they know not to deliver to the side door. There are two side doors: one with the other unit's number, and the other without a number. I can see how they would assume that side door belongs to us.

We got to hear the President of The 70 speak to us today. Very neat indeed. I'm also excited to hear Elder Christopherson tomorrow. A rare opportunity.

Happy birthday Liz! May all your toes be bruiseless, and all your cilantro be fresh.

The weather's been nice, and the work's going pretty well---not much different, so things are splendid in general. Miracles are occurring, and I'm trying not to forget to write them down.

Cheerio and write back soon!

-Elder Moua Ying

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