Monday, September 22, 2008

From Jon 9/18/2008

Subject: Baptism. Baptism is what bwings us togevah today.

[Ed note: On 9/14 Gary, Doug, Ribeka, and Tiara surprised Jon by showing up at his church service and baptism. Gary played the piano and organ at the baptismal service. Jon spoke briefly with Ty and Daniel on the phone while Gary and Doug's family were there.]

Nyob zoo!
What an awesome week! The baptism was most enjoyable, and I'm sure Dad has filled the rest of you in on the experience. We got to play stump the organist with Dad as the stumpee---just like back home.

Kari was the first one baptized, and she and Elder Murdoch had to waltz around in the font before he figured out which way they were supposed to stand, but it went fine after that was sorted out. Next was Richard and Bro. Sawle. Brother Sawle was very careful with the prayer and said it correctly, but in anticipation of the lifting up, he didn't get Rick all the way down (confounded elbow!). The third try was the charm though. Jeff was baptized last. He is tall. As he was going down, he lost his footing and slipped, which plunged him down hard and caused a large wave of water to flood the area above the stairs. It looked like a Judo throw called the Major Leg Reap (Kent knows what that is).

Richard and Jeff are way excited for the Holy Ghost this Sunday. Richard asked me to confirm him. I've never done it before, and I'll probably get nervous. I'm not now, but as it gets closer there will likely be some butterflies. I'll have to make sure I don't eat any caterpillars.

We were walking around downtown talking to people early this week and we stumbled upon the shooting of a film. They had closed off that part of the street and there were a bunch of old-timey cars with white-walled tires parked on the side of the road. I don't remember what the film was, but it was cool to see all the lights and equipment.

The ward certainly enjoyed the surprise Pimentel posse. Everyone was gushing about how cute Tiara is. I was certainly shocked to hear Daniel's voice, which seems to have plummeted off the treble clef, leaving many seats vacant.

Elder Jones got transferred to Bloomington, and is being replaced by Elder Chapel. The rest of us are staying the same.

[Ed note: One of the photos Jon sent was of a Liahona sitting on a welcome mat. Gary asked him what the 2nd spindle was for. Jon replied:]

Dad asked about the Liahona... On ours, the second spindle/needle points north, and the words just appear on their own. I don't know about the one Lehi had.

Well, it was fun to see some of you and talk to some of you! Thanks for all the fish---er, snacks!

Sib ntsib dua,
-Ewda Muaj Yeej

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