Thursday, September 25, 2008

From Jon 9/25

Subject: Txoj haujlwm mus zoo

Nyob zoo!

The confirmations were awesome! Richard said it was a wonderful, strange feeling. He said he felt peace and excitement at the same time. Like he wanted to jump up in the air and take a nap. We went over this week with his home teacher and taught him about missionary work, and I could tell he got more out of it and was more in tune than usual. The Holy Ghost is good at teaching spiritual truth.

Jeffery described how he felt when he received the gift of the Holy Ghost in a similar way. He said he didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

This was my first time acting as voice, and it was a wonderful experience. The spirit filled me so strongly that it was hard to speak at first.

The miracle knob is still missing in action. We were talking to people downtown, and we started walking the opposite way than we usually go. We stopped a young man and had a great conversation with him. He was clearly prepared to receive the gospel. Coincidentally, he lives with another potential investigator whom we had been trying to get in touch with. While we were thus conversing with him, a woman pulled up on a bicycle and said she used to study with the missionaries and almost got baptized and would like us to come over and teach her again so she can work towards baptism. Gadzooks! Elder Neibaur and I split up and I continued to talk to the young man (Patrick) while Elder Neibaur talked to the lady (Jennifer).
John Perry is getting closer to baptism too. He's made some real progress! Too bad he'll be moving to Onalaska soon, so he'll be in the Northside Elders' area. Ah, well... as long as he gets baptized.

Well, I lubbachu awll, thanks for all the letters and love!

-Elder Moua Ying

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