Thursday, October 2, 2008

From Jon 10/2

Subject: Cov nplooj hloov ho poob

Nyob zoo!
The subject of this email is pronounced 'gyah nblong hlong ha bong', which means, "The leaves change and then fall". It's really fun to say.

Things are starting to get a little cooler here, and the last couple days have been a might nippy. Time to break out my trusty windbreaker.

Jeff and Richard are enjoying the Aaronic priesthood now. Both are doing very well and are sharing the gospel with their friends.

The baked goods were great, by the way. I do you thanks very much (Hmong grammar)! Speaking of baked goodness, congrats to Rizzu for the promotion!

We visited a less-active Hmong family last night that was way nice. They are a family of ten, and most of them have really unique names, including Yak, Ace, Grace, Koula, and my favorite, Sevenstars, who is one of the cutest, most energetic seven-years-old girl I've met. Sevenstars, or Stars, as most of her family calls her, was on the computer as we were talking to her older sister, Koula, and her father. I was talking to Neng Nhia Tia, the father, in Hmong about coming to church this week to see conference since he won't have work, when Stars perked up suddenly and span around. Bursting with excitement, she started bubbling in rapid-fire Hmong asking her dad if she could go to church and saying how much she loved it. Koula's boyfriend, Tommy Lee, was there, and we got to have good, long, conversation with him about religion. He has a lot of potential, and I think we convinced him to experiment upon the word. He already has a BoM, so we gave him 3 Ne 11 to read and challenged him to pray about it.

Lori is having some problems. Her priest came over again and chewed her out for talking to us again and forbade her to speak to us or read our literature, and forced her to get rid of it. She is scared of him, and scared to upset him, so she put her books on the porch for us with a note. This isn't the first time it's happened, so I'm sure in a little while she'll realize how much she misses the Book of Mormon and talking to us and coming to church, and she'll call us. If not, Krissee will write her a letter expressing her love and concern for her. She'll be back.

Have I told you about Megan? She's a college student who is very interested and very curious. She asks tons of really good questions and wants to know everything about our church. It makes it a little hard though when we want to teach the very basics and how she can know it's true, and she wants to know the church's stance on every religious and political issue. It's fun though. She was way stoked to hear about modern prophets and can't wait for conference. She's going to take extensive notes.

How tall is Daniel Po-Pan? Has he surpassed my cranial altitude?

Well, I've got to be on my way, so sib ntsib dua!

-Elder Moua Ying

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