Wednesday, October 8, 2008

From Jon 10/8

Subject: Nws rov qab tuaj

Nyob zoo tsev neeg!

Conference was awesome! I started putting stars next to the really good talks, but stopped after a while when I realized they almost all had stars. I guess it's kind of like marking every scripture in the BoM...doesn't really help. I think it would be nice to have this conference in Hmoob on a data DVD so I can put it on my Zen.

Lori is back. She watched Saturday morning conference at Krissee's house and enjoyed it. Evidently one of the talks cut her to the center. It was the one that was talking about the BoM and how someone who have the blessing of the BoM, but don't read it, and set it aside is like someone who is overseas and receives a letter from a loving father, but refuses to open it. He also said they were like a spoiled child who refuses to eat the beautiful dinner set before them. She squirmed at that point. When she got rid of her literature, she held on to her Book of Mormon, and started reading from it again. Richard wants to have a word with this priest, and says he's not scared of him. Richard's a funny guy. Evidently the priest's letter (which he had Lori sign) hurt Krissee's feelings, which made Rick's protective instincts kick in. He was joking around, talking as though he were speaking to the priest, saying, "Maybe I'll come over and hurt YOUR wife's feelings---oh, wait, you CAN'T have a wife! Have fun living ALONE with your apostasy, you jerk!" It's particularly funny because both Rick and Krissee used to be Catholic.

Thanks for the E-mail, Panny! You have been spending a lot of time around Kent. You are really starting to write like him.

Hmong New Year is coming up here in La Crosse! I might be able to borrow some Hmong clothes this time.

Oh---the reason I'm writing today is because tomorrow is mission tour, so they moved our preparation day.

Is Kent taking a Book of Mormon class? I really liked the class I took at BYU. It really helped me get more familiar with the book and get a feel for the chronology, since I used to skip around a lot.

If you happen to be around the distribution center or Deseret book or something and you see one of those mechanical scripture-marking pencils that has a bunch of different colors in one pencil, could you stick one in the next package please? I can't find them here.

Before I forget, did I really see Elder Lofgren in the MTC choir that performed in the priesthood session, or was that an illusion? If it was indeed the lad, where is he serving?

I love you all! So long, and thanks for all the fish!

-Elder Moua Ying

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