Sunday, May 17, 2009

From Jon 5/16

Subject: Muaj hnub teem cia

Nyob zoo!

'Twas a grand pleasure to talk to those of you that I could! Good liver sun born (Happy birthday) to Rizzu! Molly (Chor's 3-years-old daughter) turned 3 on the 13th. We went over and gave her some cupcakes, and I made her a balloon hat and balloon dog. She was pleased as punch, all decked out in new Tinkerbelle (tm) paraphernalia, with the Tinkerbelle movie playing non-stop.

We made a small breakthrough with Chor. We discovered that the only real hesitation he has about joining the church is that his relatives are putting on a lot of pressure for him to join their church, and tell him that he is turning his back on his relatives and distancing himself from the rest of them. He just doesn't know how to help them understand. We also discovered that there are some important principles he still doesn't fully understand, which we will review. We did get his permission to baptize Nouchi on the 30th. We hope he will be ready by then too. If not, we'll talk to them about Mee getting baptized with Nouchi on the 30th.

Fu is doing great. We didn't get a chance to have a lesson about marriage with him yet. We are going to start him on the program for quitting smoking this week. It is hard for us to catch his girlfriend at home, but we are trying to get her on board as well.

Yer is more solid than we thought. She had a great experience at the mother's day activity, and now really wants to go to church. We haven't had a chance to commit her for baptism yet.

Last time we visited Ia and Lia (don't know if I've mentioned them), Ia's sister, Jessie (8-10 yrs), was sick. We taught her about prayer, and said a prayer for her to get better. She got better the next day. She's a good kid... I betcha she'll be up for a little eternal life.

We're looking at a good turnout at church this week. Should be Chor, Mee, Misty, Nouchi, Fu, Yer, and possibly Yer's mom, who evidently knows one of our strong relief society pillars. Fu might be able to get his girlfriend to come too. We also hope Neng, Mai Lee, Zoua, and Ia will come, but they might be busy.

The CD we recorded is finished, and Leng is making us copies. I haven't heard it yet. I've been mulling over some ideas for the cover art. ;) Elder Hill suggested a title for the album: "Moua Ying and The Destroyers: Live in Minneapolis". Heh, heh.

Well, thanks for being all you are and doing all you do! Sib ntsib dua!

-Elder Moua Ying

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