Monday, May 25, 2009

From Jon 5/23

Subject: Tus Tswv muaj hwjchim heev

Nyob zoo!
I got a card from the Knapps inviting me to Elder Wilson's wedding! I guess he's just Brother Wilson now. Are these Knapps by any chance related to those from whom we bought our house? They live in Preston, ID. What is Brother Wilson's current address?---Not that you know off-hand, but perhaps you could do some sleuthing ... I've been meaning to write him, but I know not where he resides.

Did I tell you about the awesome lesson with Yer? Last Sunday she came to church, and went to the Mission President's fireside. She loved them both and had her guts fellowshipped out. Before the fireside started, she and Carmen, her primary fellowshipper, arrived early and sat in the chapel alone for a while (they learned after a bit that the fireside would be in the mission home across the parking lot, and not in the chapel). Carmen told her about Joseph Smith and his experience in the grove, something that we had felt impressed not to actually share in detail yet, but had at last felt that it was time and had planned to share it at our next appointment. Yer said that when Carmen got to the part where God appeared to Joseph, she felt tingly and warm, and got goose bumps. A day or two later, at our appointment, we shared the first lesson in Preach My Gospel. Naturally, as with all good stories, the spirit was strong. When we explained the great apostasy, she immediately understood and applied it, which surprised us a little. She got kind of a sad, blank look on her face, and said, "That's pretty sad...that means that Sister Katrina's (the Jehovah’s Witness that has also been meeting with her) church doesn't have all the truth." She didn't seem confused or troubled by this; she understood that Sister Katrina is a good honest person who is doing her best to follow God, but just doesn't know that there is more truth available.

We continued on, and as I began to recount Joseph's experience in his own words, Yer immediately smiled and looked down. For a split second I thought she was smiling because she was amused that I was using the exact same words as Carmen, and that she had heard this part already. I continued, and when I was done, we paused for a moment. She was still smiling. She looked up and said, "As soon as you said that God appeared to Joseph, I felt it again...those same goose bumps." After explaining that it was no coincidence that the feeling came at the same point both times because that is the most important part of our message that God wants her to know is true, we committed her to be baptized on June 13th. She wants to, but is afraid her father may not approve, as he is a Shaman. She will talk to him about it. We know we have Yer's mother's support...she loves us. We are praying that Yer's father will recognize that church helps peoples be better people, and won't object.

Fu has quit tobacco and alcohol, and is looking into marrying his girlfriend, though there are financial issues that may slow down the process. We know the Lord will provide a way for him to keep His commandments. We are praying much for him too.

Misty and Tou Choua are in Wisconsin this weekend for their cultural wedding ceremony. Misty's mom will be coming from California. With Tou Choua's parents and Misty's parents all present for the event, they can have all of them sign the paper work for the license in the presence of the same judge. Evidently they need to all be present in the same room with the judge and witnesses, so everybody knows that everyone is okay with it. I'm sure it's loads easier to get married if you're over 18.

Nouchi has a date set for the 30th, hopefully Misty can be ready by then, and Chor will have stood his ground with his kwvtij (relatives), and they can all share in those special blessings together.

Love ya!

-Elder Moua Ying

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