Monday, July 6, 2009

From Jon 6/20

Subject: Lom zem heev

Nyob zoo!
We had the big branch picnic today! It was very fun. All of the activities were a great success, as was the food. We made a water-balloon launcher out of two exercise elastics tied to two ends if a dishcloth. Worked surprisingly well. We folded the dishcloth in such a way as to create a nice handle. It was a bit of a shame more people didn't show up, though. The real purpose of the activity was to have something fun that the branch can invite non-members to, and the missionaries can talk to those people at the activity. Very few non-members actually showed up. Yer was there though. Yay! She has made a lot of friends and feels like she belongs.

Not a lot of updates with investigators. We met with Karen and her boyfriend, Kerry (we don't know how it's spelled), and it went very well. Kerry is a less-active Lutheran, and told us that before his family started going to the Lutheran church they went to the Mormon church, but then they moved. He didn't put together that our church was the same one until we told him. He was never baptized. Turns out he also lives on our block. Fancy that.

The tornado didn't hit us by the way. We got some rain though.
Sorry, that's all the time I have! Cheerio!
-Elder Moua Ying

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