Monday, July 6, 2009

From Jon 7/6

Subject: Txhua leej txhua tus mus saib

Nyob zoo!
July 4th was very exciting. All any Hmong person has been talking about since June is the big fourth of July tournament in St. Paul. We were there all day, talking to masses of Hmong people. They had everything. Soccer, volleyball, flag football, ka tau, top-throwing, and more. There were also plenty of booths selling Hmong clothes, Hmong food, Hmong music, Hmong movies, and even movies that were dubbed in Hmong, but were actually Chinese, Thai, Korean, or sometimes Japanese. Elder Vang pointed out two Thai movies and a Chinese one that he said were dubbed very well and would serve as good language study after I go home. He also said they are very good movies that I would like anyway. We had a lot of really good conversations with people about the gospel. We found a lot of really interested people, and got a lot of peoples information. There was one girl that had done some evangelizing in many countries around the world, and she was very interested in learning more about the restoration and thought it was very important. At first she thought it was great, but didn't get the full significance of it. She said "Well, it sounds like all of this is really just about Jesus Christ." I agreed, and she asked if there was any reason a person couldn't just go to another Church that teaches Jesus. Then she paused and said, "Wait, I guess this church would have all the correct details, so that would help, but couldn't you still be saved in any church?" I explained about authority and it all came together for her. Now she could see what the big deal is. She really liked the idea of modern prophets, and the idea of being sure what is true and what the scriptures really mean. That's one of the most rewarding things about being a missionary---sharing the perfect, pure truth that has all the answers with someone who recognizes what it is and hungers after it.

Carmen brought Yer and one of the other Elders' investigators, Leanne, to church. Carmen went up to sit on the stand in preparation to bear her testimony, and asked the other two to sit up there with her. Once they were up there, Carmen encouraged them to bear their testimonies. They were taken aback, and quite overwhelmed, but they did it. Yer's was great. You couldn't even tell she was nervous. She knows now that God is real and that He loves her and answers prayers. She said that she still hasn't gotten an answer to know the Book of Mormon is true, but I know she knows. She just doesn't know she knows. Her parents still tsis kam (are unwilling), though. Leanne's mom won't let her be baptized yet, but she really wants to. She does know that she knows it's true, and it was really good for Yer to hear the testimony of another investigator about her age and in a similar boat.

I got a bike box today. One-on-one bikes charges a dollar a minute for them to pack up the bike. They use fed-ex to ship. I didn't look at the rates, but sometimes UPS is cheaper. I'm just going to disassemble and pack it myself (shouldn't take long, I have the tools, and I was the one who put it together), and ship it via UPS.

I guess this is pretty much my last letter! Eep! A lot of the members are inviting the four of us over for dinners this week because all but one of us are leaving. I guess I see you soon! Love ya!
-Elder Moua Ying

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