Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Elder Jon Pimentel 10/2/2007

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Sent: Tuesday, October 02, 2007 7:32 AM
Subject: Lub sijhawm los lawm! (Yuav luag)

Nyob zoo!
October already?! Gadzooks! I got my travel plans, and I am indeed embarking on the 10th. The lap bar is down, the ride operator has marbled through his speech on the loudspeaker, and train is clink-clattering up the first hill.

During my time here, I have noticed a sizable handful of flagrant grammatical and spelling errors on signs, in speech, and even in the missionary handbook. I know everyone make mistake, especially me, and my spelling isn't perfect (I can barely spell in English anymore because I'm so accustomed to phonetic writing), but I expect people to proofread signs and official handbooks before they go out. For example, the wallpaper of these computers gives this warning: Any misuse of the Internet or e-mail will cause the missionary to *loose* e-mail privileges while at the MTC. (Emphasis added). In the handbook and on a sign near the ATM, there are references to some sort of ATM machine, and I'm wondering what they do with all the ATMs the ATM machine makes (for surely that must be its function). Also, several people, including Bishops, teachers, etc. refer repeatedly to those who undergo orientation as being orienTAted (emphasis added). Sometimes (depending on who it is) I say "Wait, who was oriented?" and they get this look on their face like, "Oh, I guess there IS a word for that after all and I don't have to make one up!"

It sounds like you got my tape....cool.

My district got to give a pep talk to a new group of Thai-speaking missionaries, and give them advice etc. It was a fantastic experience. I gotta go! Love you all!

Elder Meej

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David said...

The photos are priceless; made me laugh out loud. Jon reminds me so much of Gary in these pix, too!