Sunday, September 30, 2007

Update from Alameda Pimentels

School is back in session. Megan is a senior at Alameda High School, Cari is a sophomore at Cal Poly and John has started his final year at NYU law school. The rest of us remain enrolled in the school of life - every day challenges and opportunities.

We had a fabulous visit by Gladys Knight and her gospel choir last weekend at the Oakland InterStake Center. We had to hold members at bay so the members with non-member friends could have first priority to attend. Mike worked on the parking detail. Initial counts show that approximately 1,500 referrals were generated. Adding to the more than 2000 referrals recently from the Temple Pageant, the missionary work looks promising in this area.

I enjoyed seeing many of you at Bret's wedding and look forward to further reunion at Roger's. See you then. Yours, Uncle Jay

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