Monday, September 3, 2007

From Calvin Ct.

Andrea is an angel and a genius in case you don't know that. She patiently worked with me yesterday to I can now post on the Blog. I hope to include some pictures taken at the twins 60th birthday party. Pretty good looking 60 year old grandmothers. Of, course Ty and Colleen are great looking grandmothers so this is nothing new to us.

I have missed getting exciting world wide stories from David and Annette that I could pass on to "Aunt" Janice. So now she is passing on good stories to me from her daughter Julie who for the next three years will be living in Abu Dhabi. Julie's husband Gary is in the FBI and is working in the American embassy there. One of his jobs is to travel to some of the towns and get acquainted. When he went to Oman and met with the man there he had to explain that he could not drink the special drink there because it was made with coffee. The man said, "What are you - a Mormon?" When Gary said yes the man told how his country respects the Mormons and they have a statue of our prophet in their country. Can you guess which prophet it is? It is Lehi. Figure that one out.

I am spending more of your inheritance and getting a new drive way and new patio poured. I keep tripping on the broken patio and Nancy has told me that she doesn't want to take care of me if I fall and break my hip. No one else has offered, so I am forced into the new patio. Besides, Alan Carlile has time to do it right now.

Love you all, Grandma

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Jay P said...

I had a chance to see the new driveway - so far. It's not done and there are still some refinements to make, but you are all going to really like it. It's very stylish.