Saturday, January 12, 2008

Elder Jon Pimentel 1/12/2008

Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2008 11:02 AM
Subject: Peb sib pauv mentsis

Nyob zoo!

I got the package! Thanky kahndly. :) Hopefully the Eastside Elders will be able to give me a ride to the post office today so they can figure out the postage and I can just pay it there.

'Tis a new transfer, and we've had a bit of a shuffle. Elder Jackson Vang was transfered from Minneapolis to Eastside St. Paul with Elder Choua Vang, Elder Richard Vang was transfered from Eastside to Frogtown, and Elder Wilson was transfered from Frogtown to Minneapolis. Elder Wilson is now the district leader, and Elder Richard Vang is my new companion. I now live in an apartment full of Vangs. What fun.

Brian Lee (a new investigator) came to church last Sunday and will come again this Sunday. We want to get the rest of his family interested.

Mai Houa and Ze got legally married yesterday, so now Mai Houa can get baptized...after she comes to church. Ze is still being lazy.

A member referred some of her friends to us. They are a youngish couple fresh from Thailand. They have no Christian background but are very open to it. They want to be baptized, but want to come to church one or two times first. When we invited them to be baptized, we just assumed they understood that this kind of thing takes a bit of time and preparation, so their response took us aback a bit. We agreed with them that coming to church a few times and learning more from us first would be a good idea. They couldn't come last Sunday because they had to watch somebody's kids at the last minute, but they'll come tomorrow. Oh, their names are Gyan and Pai Ni. They are going to school right now. Not college, they never had any real education in Thailand so they started with the ABCs here. Evidently Pai Ni told her teacher that she was going to go to church, and about us. Her teacher called us and asked us with what church we were affiliated. She wasn't happy, was quite rude, and told us that she was going to tell Pai Ni not to go because we "aren't even Christian!" Elder Wilson was nice and VERY patient, and explained how we are Christian, but she seemed to insist that she knew more of our beliefs than we did, and that because our beliefs are different from hers, we must not be Christian and therefor somehow had the right to tell her school student how to believe. Very frustrating. After the call, we were very....upset. We couldn't believe the nerve of that precious child of God. It doesn't look like the teacher ended up having any real impact on Gyan and Pai Ni though, so all appears to be well.

We are currently helping Josh and Lynn quite smoking. Quite exciting. If they can keep this kicked and promise to keep the rest of the word of wisdom, then the only thing holding them back is that they need to either get married, or Lynn needs to move out and maybe live with her mom and siblings.

Is Kent's belch-day next week? Have a good 'un.

Have a good week, do good work, love ya, love ya!

Elder Muaj Yeej

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