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Elder Jon Pimentel 12/29/2007

Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2007 10:01 AM
Subject: Happy New Year!

It was great to talk to you guys on Tuesday!

Today is Elder Richard Vang's birthday! He doesn't want to do much for it though. We're kind of celebrating it by going to the Hmong New Year today. That's right, another one. Every city pretty much chooses when they want to celebrate it, so St Paul had their's in November, and Minneapolis is doing their's today. I'll get pics of this one. I'll also get you the pics [Muaj Tsim] (Elder Wilson) took of the branch Christmas party.

It's been cloudy for a very long time now, but the clouds insulate us, so it's been pretty warm (around 20 to 28 degrees). Quite lovely. There is so much snow that we have been on foot for a few days.

I heard Kent won the school dance off! Good on you mate! ;) Kent, sincerely share your testimony of the gospel and the BoM with Nick and invite him to come to church. Let him know what the church means to you and how much your life has been blessed. Promise him blessings. In addition, do NOT let your Eagle slip out of reach. I think you may be busier than I have ever been (except maybe on my mission), but make time and get it done. You'll be glad the rest of your life that you can say "I am an Eagle Scout". There have been people here that I have talked to who would never have given the church a chance if they hadn't seen that most of our church's men are Eagle Scouts. Employers Universities, and girls will know you are of sound character and are a responsible potential leader. *steps out from behind the pulpit*

In other news, we found a new investigator named Ben Her, and he's Jewish (not by decent, but still). I was quite amused. Pa's half sister, Lynn and Lynn's boyfriend, Josh have started seriously investigating the church. Lynn is particularly eager to learn. They want to be baptized, but they don't really understand the commitment involved yet. They committed to come to church and to read the chapter we gave them in the BoM.

Did I tell you that Pa's aunt came and took her away for about a week? She won't be back until early next week, so we have to push back the baptism again. Hopefully it will be before the end of the transfer.

Elder Choua Vang got some animal balloons for Christmas, I think it would be a fun thing to be able to make balloon animals for the younglings. If there's room in your next package, could you send my balloon animal book and a bunch of my balloon animal balloons? I think they're in my bedstand cupboard thingy.

Oh! a couple weeks ago I got to translate for part of sacrament meeting. That was an exciting experience.

Thank you for your letters!
-Elder Muaj Yeej

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