Saturday, January 19, 2008

Elder Jon Pimentel 1/19/2008

Nyob zoo sawvdaws!

Well, the practice winter is over, and the real one has arrived. It is currently -30 degrees with the wind chill. On the bright side (literally), it's clear and sunny.

Oh! Before I forget, there is an Elder Daniel Jackson in my zone! Haib kawg (awesome). [Gary's note: Daniel Jackson is a character in Stargate SG1, a series we enjoy.]

So Kent is an a-dult now eh? Wow. Has he registered to vote? I haven't. It blows my mind to think that Kent is older than Josh (investigator), who is living with Lynn and contemplating marriage, and we are helping him quit smoking, drinking, and marijuana. Life is so much easier when you make good choices. Kent doesn't have any of those problems...right? Dag xwb! ;)

Mai Houa and Ze (legal name is now Jonny) came to church! Huzzah! Now we can set a baptismal date and finish up teaching the commandments, then---goosh!

Josh and Lynn have almost flushed all the nicotine out of their blood and have become less irritable (this week they were a little touchy) we bumped into them at the flea market and they were cheerful and not annoyed to see us. We had been worried because we had had trouble getting in touch with them and worried that they had been smoking again and that maybe they were sick of us. What a relief. Now they just need to either decide to get married, or live separately. It's interesting to see that there are a lot of people who are scared to make a commitment or take a big step, and they think they can just wait and let it play out, or wait until it isn't so hard of a decision. I was reading in 2 Nephi 2: 27 and it hit me that there really is NO middle of the road. You either choose liberty and eternal life by following Christ and keeping ALL the commandments, or you choose captivity and death by not doing so. One or the other. If you choose to wait to make the decision to keep a commandment, you have chosen not to obey. I hadn't really thought about it, but understanding this could really help some of our investigators make a leap of faith.

We got a scare when Pa's mom said they couldn't come to church this week because her brother had a lot of videos he needs them to sell on Sunday. We negotiated for Josh and Lynn to give Pa a ride to church, and we committed Pa's mom (I think her name is Pao) to bring the family at least for the sacrament. Looks like we won't have to push back the baptism again. Shyew! It's still locked in for the 26th.

Love you all! Niaj kom mus txog thaum kawg nawj!
-Elder Muaj Yeej

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