Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jon 7/24/2008

Subject: Tsis tshua muaj dabtsi tshiab

Nyob zoo!

Well, there really isn't all that much new this week. Things continue to go dandily.

Rick is getting close to baptism, but we want him to do it because he loves the Lord, and not just for Krissee. He'll get there. He came to church and he started reading the BoM. He had some questions about chapters 1-4, but all of that is settled now.

Nothing really new about Kim or Victor, it's been hard to get a hold of them. They're still spiffy.

We've been getting rain--- a lot of it, and frequently. Rain brings puddles, bugs, and humidity. These last few days have been really nice though. :)

We have some really neat Hmong investigators now. They promised to come to church! We finally found some that believe in Christ, don't go to a Hmong church, want to go to church, and their relatives don't care! A real find! What's more, one of them has a car AND a license. But that's not all---none of them work during church. So the four of them (3 from one household and one from another) are going to come to church. They are way nice.

I just had an interview with president Howell. He is such a great guy! I am really excited to have him as a leader.

Happy pioneer day! I almost forgot about that. What did y'all do today? Anything fun?

Yeeipes! Tomorrow is my 1-year mark! Crazy beans! I'm old. That sort of snuck up behind me and sneezed in my hair.

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