Thursday, July 17, 2008

Notes for Jon 7/17/2008

Subject: Cov dej uas kho mob

Wahoo! Krissee's baptism was awesome! Her husband was there, and he seemed pretty happy. He even applauded when she came up out of the water. I've never seen Krissee look happier. There was a little party over at the Sawles' house afterwards (Sister Sawle and Krisse have become good friends) and Krissee kept giggling randomly every so often. She was elated. I wanted to send you pictures, but I forgot my camera cable today. I also have a picture of me lamenting the untimely death of one of my favorite shirts (no, they're not all the same! *sob*). A few days ago it received a pirate's death sentence: The Black Spot! Aaaauughhhh!

After much bleaching, and attempts to salvage it, I ceremoniously carried it over to the refuse bin, said, "This is for you," and send it down to Davy Jones' locker.

Evidently after using my pen to write down someone's address, I placed it back in my pocket, leaving the cap on the back of the pen. It was a needle-point rollerball pen, so it just kept bleeding. *sigh*

Krissee's husband, Rick, made a deal where he works more hours during the week in exchange for Sundays off so he can come to church every week. He also started reading the Book of Mormon. He already knows a lot about our church because Krissee talks to him about it a lot.

We have some new investigators, and some with real potential.

Kim has been searching for a long time because her father is a minister but she always felt like something was lacking when she went to church that she couldn't describe. Her faith in Christ is very strong, but church always felt...incomplete. She loved learning about the restoration of the gospel and agreed with everything we said. She said that she understands now why she felt the way she did, and it all makes sense now. She said she feels like she is finally on the right path to find the truth. It was an incredible lesson, and the spirit was stuffed into all corners of the room. She is going through some deep emotional pain, and I bore strong testimony of the healing power of Christ's atonement, and how he has been through it and knows how she feels and how to help her overcome it. She started to cry and said that she knew that was true, and that it felt so good and peaceful just to talk to us. She lit up when we mentioned the Book of Mormon and excitedly asked where she could get one. I happened to have had one in my backpack, so I promptly relinquished it.

Victor is about 11 years old, and is elect. He hailed us from a block and a half away as he rode toward us on his bike. He excitedly asked if we were church people and if we taught about Jesus. He asked us to take him to church and teach him about Jesus. He also asked if we had any books about Jesus.

He has an incredible knowledge of the teachings of Christ. His heart delights in the things of the Lord, and he ponders continually the words of Christ.

We mentioned that there was a baptism soon and invited his family to attend. He immediately Exclaimed, "I want to be baptized! Can you baptize me?!" His step-dad recommended that he attend our church a few times to get familiar with it first. We agreed that that would be a good idea. Victor nodded quickly and said, "THEN can I get baptized?"

Needless to say we are pleased.

Well, I need to go. Shine the light! Feed the sheep! Fight the fight!

Elder Moua Ying

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