Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Postcards from Guatemala -- 23 July 2008

SO PUMPED they found radovan!!

[Ed. note: This is a reference to the arrest of Bosnian war crimes suspect/fugitive Radovan Karadzic]

steinbeck must have been inspired, east of eden is all about free agency. loved it, it went too fast. now i´ll read A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry, left behind in the library by some misguided donor or souvenir-heavy volunteer.

found a worm/centipede thing hanging in a handtowel in the bathroom. and a cockroach fell from who-knows-where onto my pillow while i was saying my prayers. shiver.

devney sent me a postcard from india on june 17, through ND. it got here on july 17.

the YW plus ben´s cards got here today in the middle of my kindergarten lesson, don´t know if angel thinks this stuff is urgent or what, but he interrupted to bring it to me :)

i went to a show of victor hugo valenzuela watercolors... got the gallery to myself and so the whole thing was so intense i had to take a break halfway through. no other visitors = no distraction from staring as hard as i want.

plantain chips are good things.

PARADE on friday for the patron saint of antigua!! santiago. all the volunteers have to go help. all the schools do it, and the bands have been practicing for a month,
i´ve heard it all. SO EXCITED.

telenovelas (abbreviated txt style as TLnovelas) are hilarious. music changes every time the shot changes. this can be kind of disconcerting in a back and forth conversation.

rubber bath mats may be to prevent you from earthing the static electric charge built up on the shower faucet. mine isn´t working, though, because it gets wet, of course. it´s a substantial charge. but not dead yet.

besos, ruth

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