Friday, August 1, 2008

from Jon 7/31/2008

Subject: Txhua yam zoo heev

Nyob zoo!

I forgot to tell you last time that I got the package. Thank you! Elder Nielson and I enjoyed lunch at Rudy's on my humpday. They have good rootbeer and shakes.

Things are going very well! We are teaching a lot of great people and exciting things are happening.

A day or two ago as I stepped out of the air-conditioned car, my glasses fogged up! It was THAT hot and humid. It rains a lot, but it feels nice.

Richard is making slow progress. Up to now, he has not really been wanting to find out if the BoM is true for fear that he might find out that it isn't. He doesn't want it to not be true because Krissee believes it so completely. His most trusted, best friend whom he has known longer than he has known anyone else on Earth lives next door and is an archaeologist. His name is Scott. He tells Rick that the BoM is not true because there is no archaeological evidence to prove it, and there is some evidence to disprove it. All of Scott's colleagues and professors frequently joke about the absurdity of the BoM. This makes it hard for Rick, who trusts Scott a lot. We talked to Rick about how to find and develop faith, and read Alma 32 with him. We convinced him that he needs to learn spiritual things by the Spirit. We also reminded him that scientists' entire objective is to understand the universe better, and by so doing, prove that our current understanding is inaccurate. Rick is now willing to more sincerely ask if the BoM is true and nourish his seed of faith.

Sounds like the reunion was fun. It's crazy to think that Kent is actually going to be at BYU soon. Weird. Did you say Russ might be there for a bit? Maybe Kent will bump into him. Kent, are you planning on participating in Laugh Out Loud? Convert Nick so he can be in it. Actually, he can go to BYU even if he isn't a member...yet.

I am now remembering that there are a lot of streets in St. Paul that have funny names, and I never got around to taking pictures of the street signs. One was called Supornick Ave. Good times.

Thank you, thank you, magenta, yellow, cyan, now I know how loved I am!

-Elder Moua Ying

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