Thursday, August 28, 2008

From Jon 8/28/2008

baptism in the Kickapoo River

Nyob zoo!

Well, we've had a relatively tame summer so far, and surprisingly August has been the nicest month! June and July were hot and muggy, but evidently not nearly as bad as most years. Word is that this cooler summer is going bring a more frigid winter than the last one, which was the worst in 6 years... so that'll be fun.

So you said Sam experienced the situation in Annette's article... so does that mean the name was changed from Samuel to Benjamin?

Lori is still reading and learning, but she found an anti-Mormon book that has made her very confused. She is a very logical, intellectual person, and she knows she feels the spirit when she reads the BoM, but the cunning craftiness of the arguments in her book seem mostly reasonable and she has a lot of questions. At least she's taking this seriously.

Richard is working toward the 9th to be baptized. He is doing great. He invited a lot of his friends to come, and many agreed...until they found out it would be a "Mormon" baptism. (Awww, I don't wanna get near those MORMONS...they latch on to you and never leave you alone!) He says he'll still probably have a support squad there.

We met a man named Jeff who investigated the church about 6 years ago, then stopped. Evidently since then he actually took Moroni's challenge and got an answer. He drove over to our apartment and asked us what he would have to do to get baptized. Wow. It's like someone up there broke off the Miracle Knob and they can't shut it off. It seems like we're getting blessed more that we deserve. That seems to be the way the Lord works: He starts by blessing us, thus putting us in debt. We serve Him and obey Him and work to make it up to Him, but as soon as we get halfway there, he doubles the helping. Well, I'll tell ya--- this is the most tremendous and wonderful debt in which I've been. I just hope nobody's in a hurry to fix that knob...if you find it, kick it under the couch or something. ;)

Love ya!
-Elder Moua Ying

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