Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tropical Storm post mortem

We survived Tropical Storm Fay, which was pretty well gone by Saturday morning, but we've been without power for a day-and-a-half now. It's getting pretty hot an uncomfortable, so we're spending the night at Kathryn (Pearson) and John's tonight (Sunday). We talked about getting a generator, but that really wouldn't help the comfort factor much, because we wouldn't have gotten one powerful enough to run our A/C.

Our trenching of the house worked well, and the water flowed well, away from the house throughout the storm. We even managed to drain what water collected under the house early in the storm. So that was a success.

It's back to school and work tomorrow (Monday), and we hope our power is restored soon. The culprit appears to be one of the large uprooted trees in the neighborhood, which brought down power lines with it. We were fine during the storm but afterward, the electric company realized those lines were down and shut off the power to the whole block until the lines can be fixed. No one came to work on the downed lines all day today, so we're still waiting . . . .

But we're all okay. It will be a very busy week for us, as we're all trying to catch up on things (I'll have to teach extra lectures to make up for the missed classes), and getting ready to send Ruth off to college on Saturday. But we're safe and the storm has now passed us by.

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