Monday, November 24, 2008

From Jon 11/22/2008

Subject: Nws los xanaus mentsis

Nyob zoo tsev neeg!

It's beginning to look (and feel) a lot like Christmas!
We're still above zero, but only just. Snow is on the ground, and I've been digging, trying to retrieve my old Sonic Innovations headband to cover my ears. I've been getting along with some ear-grips left by Elder Jackson Vang.

Ia is doing great---still progressing toward baptism and feelin' groovy.

We're going over some teaching records of former investigators and we plan to visit some of the ones with greatest potential.

Did I tell you that there is a recent convert named Teng who is going to teach us martial arts on Saturdays? We're pretty excited.

I'm going to buy a Hmong shirt to go with the pants and sash Mina's mom is making us. Mina is a recent convert on the Eastside. Mina's mom is not a member, but she likes missionaries now. When I was in Eastside, we tried teaching Mina, but we could never go to her house because Mina's mom didn't approve of Christianity. She saw how happy it made Mina, though, and after a while let the Elders come over to teach Mina. Perhaps in time Mina's mom will have a desire to learn too.

We are enjoying a lot of Christmas candles, due to the less-than-flowery odors produced by the digestive problems of a certain Elder in our apartment (not me). They are really getting us in the Christmas spirit (a little early perhaps) and do a commendable job purging our airs of ferociously foul fumes and voraciously vile vapors.

This has been "Silly Letters with Moua Ying", tune in next week to here Moua Ying say: "Don't fake the funk on a nasty dog."

-Elder Moua Ying

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