Tuesday, January 12, 2010

from Kent 1/11

Subject: Bendiciones de trabajo‏

¡Hola amada familia!

Well, let me just say that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. So are the blessings of hard work. We have seen a plethora, yea even many, blessings that have come to us in the manner of the army of Gideon, that we may not heap them up unto ourselves as the rewards of our own works. We've been kicking it into overdrive (very tiring) as far as planning, working, organization, obedience and working with the members is concerned. The miracles of this past week have been in number, not a few.

Miracle 1: This last week we received a call from the Elders in Chiguayante Chiguayante, and they gave us a referral for these two boys that recently moved into our sector, are actually the grandsons of the Stake President, and the mother has come back to the church and wants to help them in everything, reading, going to church, the works. They were very excited for everything. To help them understand the meaning of baptism we started the lesson with them holding a chocolate in their hands with the fingers closed. We compared sin to the chocolate in the hand, and when we repent and leave the sin, not doing it more we don't have this inhibiting factor anymore, and it feels good, at which point they eat the chocolate. But their hand is still all messy with the melted chocolate, so we have to wash it away with baptism. I think it made a good impression.

Miracle 2: One of the recently re-activated members of the ward was talking with us a week or two ago about how he was concerned for his daughter, Jamie (nonmember), whose study of psychology has caused her to start a somewhat attack on the family for religious beliefs. However, last week she was very desperate for something related to school (I think it was money related) and tried her hand at a prayer. The next day everything went more than well for her, and she was weeping thanking God. She was thus, quite interested when we talked about learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and has great interest now.

Miracle 3: One of the families that Elder Law's sister taught, the Mansilla family, had recently gone inactive since about September. The daughter and most of the family still have their testimonies of it all, but have been turned away and offended by a splash of hypocrisy, babblings, murmurings, and backbitings. We found out Saturday when we talked with them all that Paulina, (16 yrs old) had been earnestly praying whether or not they should go back to church, and then 2 days later saw a very familiar face at the door to visit. (Elder Law and Hna. Law have very similar facial features). They agreed to start coming back, and did.

Miracle 4: The Contrerras family did not know that it was their turn for lunch with the missionaries yesterday. Nevertheless, they felt like buying some extra food the night before and preparing it to be ready right after church, both of which are things they have never done hardly ever ever ever if they don't have company over. When they got to the Church they found out that it was their turn for lunch. They told us we must be doing things right ;)

Miracle 5: Last Sunday we were contacting doing the ye olde door knocking and got the usual ''I'm busy right now, have company, come by another day.'' So we set an appointment for the next Wednesday because we had another appointment in the area at that time. Usually these are the ''If I'm home and not busy and in a good mood, I'll talk with you,'' appointments. Well, as it turns out this woman Delia, remembered our appointment, asked to get work off early to be home in time. We both arrived at the house at the exact same time and she was quite receptive. She actually had found a Book of Mormon while cleaning out the house the day before our appointment, from the 1980s. All the scriptures that we used for our lesson with her were already marked and everything. Also, once we began to testify of the Book of Mormon, the sun descended just enough to blast our faces through the window. When we came back two days later for our next lesson she had done the reading! She told us in reading 3 Ne 11 that the entire time she felt a very odd and strong tranquility, and accepted the baptism date for the 31st!

So it's been a good week! I got the 2nd package and the package from Grandma, so hallelujah they did come. I also received host of Christmas letters and Dear Elders from the Jensens, Fifes, etc. I'll keep my eyes peeled for contact opportunities (of the eyeball nature, as well as Gospel preaching).

I got them fancy pants scripture covers! Pictures accompanying. It's interesting having a companion that speaks English, it's much easier to be one's self and all, and in certain aspects helps with learning Spanish, but in others of course, not so much. Interesting trade.

Well, much love to all of you! Never underestimate or diminish the importance of the Book of Mormon, reading it every day in your lives. We came across the last verse of Ether 8 recently, I do advise a read of it.

¡Chao pescado!
Elder Pimentel

P.S. The ward is thirsting for activities, but hath not money. Any ideas for grand (as in good, great, fun) activities that are of little expense? Muchas Gracias!

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