Monday, January 18, 2010

from Kent 1/18

Subject: ¡Buenas!‏
¡Hola Flamililia!

Happy Birthday to Dad this week!

Thanks you many for the wishes of birthday goodness! It was a little bit weird yesterday to be in a lesson and when they ask how old we are to say 20, when just yesterday t'was otherwise. Also Hna. Chavez (La Presidenta) called to wish a happy birthday, it brought great smiles to my day.

New progresses: We were finally able to find Delia, and she had still been reading every day and loving it, and in fact talked to her sister about it (turns out the BoM actually belonged to her, so we gave her another one) and they’re both interested! The finishing round of elections was yesterday, however, so they were not able to make it to Church, dad blame it. We found the little cousin of one of our ward missionaries, Verónica, who has come to church a few times, and now lives here in Tierra Bella for the weekends, and wants to get baptized! The trick will be getting permissions of the parents, as the father is an atheist (mother inactive). However, inasmuch that she is in town here for weekends, Verónica can accompany her to Church (she's already gone four or five times in the recent past).

Found a new Investigator! Earlier last week we were passing by a young mom in the street so we talked with her. She's called Cecelia, and lives right close to us. She told us that her cousin actually is a member, married a missionary and moved to Colorado, and she didn't have a problem with us passing by. When we came for our Monday appointment, she was on her way out and said we could come by Thursday. At this point we were thinking, ''Okay, well if we can get in and teach a lesson, maybe something can happen.'' We came by Thursday, right at our 6 o'clock and she had been waiting for us. Such a thing rarely happens in Chile. Turns out something unexpected actually did come up that she had to go to Monday and she felt bad about it. During the opening prayer for the lesson we both felt that The Spirit was very strong, and that we should talk about the Gift of the Holy Ghost first, which we did. She was very receptive, understood everything, understood that there had been an apostasy and thus understood why she would need to be baptized again. She invited us to come back when her whole family was there :).

Unfortunately, Jamie ran off for vacations somewhere and we haven't been able to find her, but we're still trying. Same story with Yasna.

There's a lovely neighbor family of one of the members with which they are great friends. The mom's a less active member, and the father Catholic, but they're both very nice and support the idea of their children going to Church! They came with us yesterday, it was quite nice.

Jenper and Kevin, the grandsons of the Stake President, are coming along nicely; they love our visits and want us to come by every day of the week. I'm learning the virtue of repetition when teaching children.

Much love to all of you! ¡Qué le vaya bien!

-Elder Kent Pimentel

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