Sunday, January 31, 2010

Germany Berlin Mission (6.1)

Hello family:

This has been a wild and crazy week. Here are a few highlights:

• Transfer week. Jay's assistant, Elder Loynes, was transferred and a new assistant, Elder Felsing came to the office.
• Two new missionaries, one from USA and one from Finland. That means interviews, lunch, and training.
• Five missionaries go home, with 3 of the five having parents pick them up. That made it crazy and we still had interviews, dinner and testimony meeting.
• Brent and Sharon Lewis from our stake received their mission call to our mission as the office couple. We are really happy about that.
• Started president's interviews on Friday in Neubrandenburg.
• Spent part of the day visiting the historic city of Wittenberg, 1 1/2 hrs. away. That is where in 1517 Martin Luther nailed his 95 "theses" to the door of the castle church. This was the beginning of the Reformation. A beautiful little town with so much to see and visit. Too bad it was so cold. We visited the church, home, gardens, monastery, university - all dating back to the early 1500's. It was an enriching day.
• Jay and I spoke in Sacrament Meeting and Jay also taught the Priesthood/Relief Society combined meeting.
• Had Elders over for dinner.
• Mike went to Young Single Adult Activity and also went bowling with the assistants this week.
• Three phone calls from missionaries who got baptism commitments today alone.

Quick warm-up story:

A less active man and his middle aged son, who is not a member, moved into a very humble area of Nordhausen. They called the Church and asked Elder & Sister Muhlestein to come and visit them. On the first visit both father and son pulled out envelopes filled with two years worth of tithing. They testified business was better when they paid it. Teaching continued and a baptismal challenge was given. Elder Muhlestein encouraged the father to become worthy to baptize his son. On Jan.7 the father baptized his son.

We think of you often and pray for you daily. We love you very much. Thanks for all of your support. We love hearing from you. We will be travelling a good part of the time but we still have e-mail access.

Love, Jay and Colleen

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