Monday, February 18, 2008

Jon 2/16/2008

Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2008 10:05 AM
Subject: Kuv laus ua luaj puas yog

Great to hear from ya!
I did get to attend the training broadcast about families. It was quite good.

Congratulations to Doug on the job, and Kent on the Eagle! I hear Kent is putting on Into the Woods! Is that through school? Will Skyline pay for it? That's one of my favorite shows, so you'd better record it or something.

I've been served some pretty interesting things and members' homes so far, including cow stomach, pig's feet, and on one occasion there was a big old bowl of chicken feet with some kind of sauce drizzled on them. Speaking of food, thanks for the valentine's card and gift! I looked in the phone book for the nearest Blimpie's restaurant, and it's in South Saint Paul...I'm not sure when I'll be able to make it out that far.

Elder R. Vang exchanged with Elder Ywj Pheej, our Zone Leader. Their area is an English speaking one, and it covers much of the Eastside Hmong area. While Elder Vang was over there, he and Elder Dalling (Elder Ywj Pheej's companion) drove over to where Josh and Lynn probably moved to and hunted them down. Hooray! Now Eastside has the address, and Josh and Lynn can have eternal life!

Mai Houa is still doing great and reading everything we give her and asking for more.

We finally found a ride for Shia and his siblings, so they can come to church and he can be baptized!

Meng is still trying to find a way to make it to church, but it's hard.

Transfer calls are this Tuesday. Txaus ntshai heev! (very scary). I want to keep working with these investigators...I love them! But, of course, if the Lord wants me to go somewhere else, it'll be for a good reason.

I had a pretty bad Hmong blooper. Our district leader (Elder Muaj Tsim) was calling us at the end of the day, and he asked how I was. I get tired of answering the same way all the time so I like to shake it up. This time I decided to say "Kuv zoo nyob" instead of "Kuv nyob zoo". It turns out that when you say it flipped around like that it doesn't mean what it would literally mean, and actually means something VERY embarrassing. I'll spare the details.

Aim high, and remember: Thunderhead believes in you.

-Elder Muaj Yeej (Moua Yeng)

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