Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jon 2/23/2008

Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2008 9:56 AM
Subject: Peb sib pauv mentsis

Hello all!
I got the birthday package on time, thank you!! The gator is comfy ^_^

I took pictures of Hmong dresses for mom, but I left my camera in the apartment, so I can't send them this week. They pretty much all have a million tiny pleats, and there are innumerable different styles to choose from. They can be around 60-80 dollars, but it can be cheaper if you can find a nice old lady who will taylor-make one for you. Kind of backwards, huh? Maybe if you pick me up at the end of my mission, then you could shop around for yourself and choose exactly the one you want.

I suppose if you send another package, it would be great if you could send pictures of Tiara and any of Kent's play, or the rehearsals thereof. Also, a lot of the kids here are into Yu-Gi-Oh cards and want to see my deck. The Elders Vang play it sometimes on preparation days after we finish everything else, and they want to play against me and my deck as well. So if you could send my Yugioh deck and Magic deck (the one in the Grave Danger box, Kent and Daniel should recognize my decks) that would be great.

There are some changes this transfer. It's now Elder Wilson and Elder Choua Vang in Minneapolis, Elder Richard Vang and Elder Erickson in Frogtown, and Elder Jackson Vang and Elder Pimentel in Eastside St. Paul. I still live in the same apartment, so there wasn't much moving involved. I use the other bathroom now, and the other study room. I can now teach Josh and Lynn again, as well as Brian. Also, Brandon is living in Eastside, so I can visit him. This is Elder Jackson Vang's last transfer, and there is a rule that you can't drive during the first and last month of your mission, so I'll be driving. Turns out you don't get quite as much exercise in a car area...I think I'm going to miss it. I'm also going to miss working with all the people in Frogtown, especially Mai Houa and Meng.

I have more pictures I wanted to send, but...forgot my camera. Next time.

Did you see the Lunar eclipse? Haib kawg! (Awesome) Elder Choua Vang got pictures with his fancy x10 optical zoom camera.

Wow...I'm a real adult now. I'm not even a teenager-adult. Can I really be 20? Txawv heev (very weird).

Eat a steak,
-Elder Moua Yeng

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