Thursday, February 28, 2008

Notes from Sam - 19 February 2008

Dear Family,

I'm writing a short letter this week, since we are going to the zoo in Chester with one of our investigators on preparation day and I probably won't get to a computer.

Elder Russell is really excited about the zoo - i guess he hasn't been to the zoo since he was a tiny kid and he doesn't remember that. So anyway I'm writing this on tuesday and Katy has graciously offered to email it to you.

We have spent a lot of time with Adam, our newest investigator, over the past week. He's a really friendly person and he has been very kind to us - he took us out to dinner at T.G.I.Fridays on Thursday night and is taking us the zoo tomorrow. It turns out Adam is a cage fighter, although he's not able to train due to a leg injury. I think he could probably take Kip from Napoleon Dynamite. Adam came to church this week and really enjoyed it which is great news! Unfortunately he found out this week he has some legal issues that may take a long time to sort out and he properly won't be able to be baptized until then. So we're kind of gutted about that. But its been a privilege to teach him, and we will have a good time tomorrow.

Ice cream trucks are pretty common here - we often hear them playing their bouncy little melodies from a few blocks away. Today Elder Russell and I were in our flat planning when we heard it come down our street. Elder Russell decided he really wanted some ice cream, so we had to run outside, stop the truck, and get some for him. It looked really good - soft serve ice cream in a cone with raspberry ice sauce and a chocolate bar stuck it in - so I got some too then we went back to the flat and we ate it before finishing our planning.

Transfers are next week. I think there is a good chance I'm going, so until then, please send letters to the mission office.


Elder Pimentel

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