Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jon 6/14/2008

June 14, 2008

Subject: Zoo siab kawg nkaus li!

Nyob zoo txhua leej txhua tus!

Today we got to go to the 2nd branch summer picnic (I'm in 4th branch now), and it was really great to see a lot of faces I haven't seen in a long time. Many other people from 4th branch came too. They played football, volleyball, kickball, and some of the Young Women started chucking water balloons at those playing football. A grand time was had by all.

In a bit, Elder Erickson and I are going to go play some ko taub with John, Shoua, and Houa. I discovered today that I have a tan line on my neck exactly where a white shirt collar has been for the past 10 months or so. It looks kind of funny. :)

Last Friday we fasted, and on Saturday we tracted all morning and afternoon. The reason Saturday is normally our preparation day is because Hmong people are all visiting relatives, shopping, fishing, or otherwise not at home on Saturday. Nevertheless, we went forward with faith because our leaders promised that if we participated in the fast/tractathon we would be blessed with more people to teach.

Well, we didn't find any new investigators that day. We found maybe two people that said it would be okay if we came back another day. We did talk to some really neat Mika people who were very receptive, so we referred the Mika Elders.

The plot thickens: We had been promised that we would be blessed with people to teach, not necessarily that those people would be found that day. This week we have fifteen new investigators so far. All of which we acquired on Wednesday. We also have some people who will be counted as new investigators as soon as we have a full sit-down lesson with them and get a specific return appointment. The Lord keeps His promises and those of His inspired servants. Miracles are real.

Speaking of miracles, The Thao sisters are coming to church tomorrow! OUR church! Shoua and Houa are planning on coming too, so this will be a very exciting Sunday.

Love you all!
-Elder Moua Ying

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