Thursday, June 19, 2008

Postcards from Guatemala -- 16 June 2008

i went to el proyecto (nuestros ahijados) today, it´s muy cerca la casa... maybe 10 minutes walking. angel gave me a tour, and i helped a bunch of workers replace all the furniture that had been moved to out-of-the-way corners for the conference last weekend. heavy stuff. then angel took me into la oficina for volunteers, and told me that they want me to be the ENGLISH TEACHER. ayyy. there was no school today, because of setting up again after the conference, but all the niños will be back tomorrow. i get this week to work in la biblioteca and to prepare whatever i need to, and then i start teaching all grades next week. this is prepa, primaria, segundo, all the way up to sexto. after sexto, they go to a school outside el proyecto. that´s a huge age range. it´s a lot a lot of kids. angel assures me that the english teacher doesn´t have to speak spanish, the last one didn´t speak any, but MAN.
el proyecto is seriously gorgeous. try to look at the webcams on the website, you might see me, but you will definitely see the prettiness of the gardens and the buildings.
i´m thinking i will definitely take spanish classes, probably for the whole time i´m here. today, i´ll go scouting after lunch. probigua is really close to my house, so i´m going to ask them if i can take afternoon classes (remember it looked like half days were only mornings? well, mornings i HAVE to be at work.), or something.
rosa is my host mama, she is a grandma and so twinkly and nice. we live with her adult daughters eva and ana, and assorted other children and their spouses: juan, alonzo, maida, baby isabelita (¡solo dos meses!), y maybe otras. i´m not really sure. there are at least three dogs, one named candy. no one spekas any english, except that rosa can work out a few numbers, sometimes. YES i´m going to learn spanish so fast.
i live in a room of my own, that opens onto the courtyard of the house. i think i can see the tip of volcan agua from my doorway. it is a little square room with golden walls. it has one electrical outlet hidden behind the bed, i had to look hard for it.
rosa says her rolled Rs and her double Ls like ZH, so she calls me Zhoot. so cute.
isabelita is my favorite!!
church is pretty well established, maybe 120 people, in a building that is tipico antigua, bright colors of paint, street wall, inner courtyard. it has gorgeous high dark wood ceilings. i understood almost nothing that was said, but i sang the hymns and was happy anyway. eva is pretty close to my age, i think. i´m going to go to activities miercoles y domingo with her.
i´ve eaten papaya and avocado and sweet pineapple and frijoles and some tomato sauce fresca with yerba buena in it (SOO good), and little tiny hot tortillas, and i drank MorCafe, which is like postum, cafe para mormones :)
rosa will feed me every meal every day of the week, angel asked her about sundays and she said fine.
there seems to be some kind of rule about not eating alone. there´s always someone at the table when i eat, even though i´ve only been at one whole-family meal, on sunday afternoon.
i loved hearing dad´s voice when he called on sunday.
i figured out that if i read 40 pages of novel every day, the brothers karamzov, east of eden, and labyrinth will last me my whole time here. but i don´t think i´ll even have time... especially if i´m preparing english lessons. ohmygosh that´s so scary. seriously. what am i going to do? point stuff out in the classroom and be like, "this is a desk"?
anywayyy i love you guys times one million. if you want to send this to other people (grandmas, etc) you can, but feel free to save me from embarrassment by editing out the mistakes this strange spanish keyboard included against my will.

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