Monday, June 16, 2008

Job duties include. . .

One hundred eleven. That is how many degrees of heat there are outside. One hundred and eleven of them. Every day. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Well, I've reached the conclusion of my last official class at SCI, which has been my cake decorating externship at Let Them Eat Cake. I have to say, it's nice to have a job where you make people out of edible playdough all day long and get paid for it. It's very creative work, and is pushing whatever exists of my highly underdeveloped artistic skills. My first week, they threw an interesting project at me. Let's just say, I did not come up with this idea. This was for a fireman's retirement party. I tried to submerge these figures as modestly as possible, but my co-workers continually insisted that their proportions had to be . . .er, more conspicuous. Um, anyway, I really enjoyed making the labradors. Moving on. . .

Here is just a sampling of the kinds of cakes we do. I only started taking pics of my cakes at work, so you won't get to see the octopus cake, zebra cake, darth vador, or any of the wedding cakes I've worked on. We do some interesting stuff here.

Oh, I forgot to send pics of my sugar showpiece. It's kind of hard to see because there are other showpieces behind it, but hopefully you can make it out. The papers at the bottom are staff paper for Melodia Sentimental, a portuguese opera piece. If you look hard, some of the lyrics are around the edges: Acorda, vem ver a lua (Awaken, come see the moon). Aww, how sweet. Too bad it's WAY too hot to be dancing in the moonlight here. Even my little sugar people are all bent and droopy now because of the heat. Even the trumpet unraveled itself. Kind of amusing.

And here's a shot of my very mature, very adult, very boring parents. Just for kicks.

I miss you all! I hope everyone is happy and significantly cooler than me. Cheers,


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