Saturday, December 13, 2008

From Jon 12/10/2008

Subject: Peb sib pauv khub ib zaug ntxiv

Nyob zoo tsev neeg!

I'm writing on Thursday because our preparation day was moved from Saturday to today to accommodate the Minneapolis New Year this Saturday.

We got a call from President Howell Tuesday night saying Elder Vang would be going to Winona, WI, and Elder Hadlock would be training in Eastside, and Elder Erickson would be in Frogtown with me. He called again Wednesday morning saying he had changed his mind. The current assignments are as follows:

Eastside St. Paul---Elder Hadlock and Elder Nielson (new Hmong speaker)
LaCrosse---Elder Fawsen and Elder Neibaur (my old companion)
Eau Claire---Elder Cutshall and some Mika Elder
Frogtown---Elder Erickson and Elder Lo
Minneapolis---Elder Hill, Elder Vang, and Elder Pimentel

So, Elder Vang and I are still together, but we're invading Minneapolis to see how much damage we can do... in a good way. Now I actually AM at the Aldrich Ave. apartment, and Elder Erickson is taking my spot in Frogtown, where he will receive yet another package for me. Will it never end? ;) The apartment is very small for two people, and we're still trying to figure out how to fit three Elders and their stuff in there. We're working on getting another bed, too. Chances are our rap-enthusiast neighbors will be evicted soon due to a demolished fence and refusal to pay the heating bill. If that happens, maybe we can move into the upstairs unit, which has carpet, way more room, and control of the heat. We may also get a less-active member to move into the downstairs, so we will have quiet neighbors and we can keep tabs on them.
Elder Hill is a great missionary. He was in the marines for four years, so he is very disciplined and is a very hard worker. He studies Hmong harder than any missionary I know, but he still struggles with it a lot. Elder Vang and I will be able to help him considerably.

Hopefully we will be able to arrange a musical number for Ia's baptism in which Elder Vang and I will perform so we can attend it.

Minneapolis is exploding in terms of the work. Nine new investigators last week! That helps make the transition easier. :)

I'll let you know more about the work here once I know more. I'm looking forward to having a car this winter, and I'm pretty stoked to still be with Elder Vang. We were really bummed when he was not going to be here for the Minneapolis New Year or for Christmas. I'm glad to work with Elder Hill too. His diligence rubs off. He's also very tidy.

-Elder Moua Ying

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