Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mission Call

Colleen and I just received a mission call! We have been called to serve as the Mission President and Mission President Companion in Berlin, Germany, starting July 1, 2009. I am speechless (and that doesn't happen for me very often). Love to all. Uncle Jay


David said...

Wow! That is so wonderful! We are thrilled for you both! You will do a wonderful job there -- what a blessing for your family to be able to serve in this way.

We are very proud of you, and love you lots!


Ronnie said...

We are so excited for you. You will make a tremendous Mission President couple. You have all the right experience and tools for this calling. You will bless so many lives. Think of all the missionaries that will come home preaching about plateau theory, fasting and baseball, etc.

I wish that Sarah and I were a little older (a LOT older for Sarah) and ready to serve a mission, in Berlin!

I am going to start looking for academic conferences in Europe.

Gary said...

How wonderful! You two will touch many lives. You will do such a great job.

I move we hold our next reunion in Berlin! Any seconds?


Ronnie said...

Ja gern, ich die zweite Bewegung.