Saturday, December 6, 2008

From Jon 12/6/08

Subject: Noj peb caug lom zem heev!

Greetings, one and everyone!

We've got snow! We also have colditude.

I got a bundle of post of late, including the shoebox, something from Grandma, cookies from aunt Nancy and family, and a letter from the Alameda Pimentels. Wahoo! Ua nej tsaug ov!

Shue and Ia got married, and I got to sign the papers as a witness. We set a baptismal date for the 20th!

New Year's was awesome! I have a healthy collection of photos, but once again, I left my camera upstairs. Our booth went very well. It was very exhausting to be there all day for two full days, sitting rarely, and all the while wearing about 30 lbs of silver. At the end, we counted up all the referrals we collected from people that wanted a video, a visit, or both. Over the two days there were about 150, but only about 22 were for our area. Still, we won't have to tract for a while. See and Pa Vang performed with a dance group at New Year on Saturday. They did pretty well, but did not win the competition.

We found a new investigator, but we suspect he might actually be a member and not know it. His Mom and older brother are less active members, but he doesn't remember ever being Christian. He really has a desire to apply the teachings to his life and become a better person. We are going to look for his records at church.

The other night, we finished a terrific lesson and returned to our bikes, but when Elder Vang tried to unlock his bike, it wouldn't budge. It was right about our curfew and it was very cold. We took turns trying to muscle his key in there, but in vain did we muscle. I pulled out my bike light and inspected the lock for objects wedged within by saboteurs, but found nothing out of the ordinary. I figured if it were frozen it surely would have given under the much jiggling and musclery. As Elder Vang continued to struggle with it I prayed for help and waited for either inspiration, or for it to suddenly work. The only thought I had was to breathe on the lock. Initially, I put the thought on the back burner and waited for a better idea because it probably wasn't frozen. Then I realized that it was dumb of me to wait for something that sounded like a better idea to me, and I should just trust the answer I was given. So I did. It worked. Go figure. Revelation rocks.

Transfer time is approaching, and there is much talk and speculation about what will happen. We are getting a new Hmong speaker, and someone will be training him. Everybody thinks it will be me, and I don't know what to think. Evidently in some of their interviews with the president they mentioned to him that I was pretty good with Hmong, and President "jokingly" told them that maybe he'll have me train the new Elder. I guess we'll see. Many of us suspect Elder Erickson may get sent to Wisconsin because he has been in Minneapolis his entire mission save one transfer. Elder Vang has been in St. Paul his entire mission, and has been in Frogtown several transfers in a row, so maybe he'll get transferred. I'll let you all know what happens.

I want to see pictures of that wedding cake; it sounds like quite a project! Well, I've got to be heading off now---oh! Has anyone seen Prince Caspian? Let me know how it is. Right, then. Cheerio!

-Elder Moua Ying

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