Monday, December 29, 2008

From Jon 12/27/08

Subject: Kuv zoo siab nrog nej tham!

Me-e-e-erry Christmas!

It was really great to talk to my fambly in the warm West! I wish the conference call would have worked so I could have talked to the Wisconsinites.

I already told you about how Christmas went, so I don't think I need to ramble about that. Did I mention that we went caroling on Christmas Hmong? We only went to some investigators and less-actives' homes. It would have been awkward if we would have shown up at a random Mika person's house singing, "Peb hnov tub txib puag saum ntuj!" (The Hmong version of "Angels We Have Heard on High")

I'm eager to try all of my new Hoth survival gear! What with the Ninja hood from the hunters, the hand warmers, and the supergloves...We'll be unstoppable! Our district is thinking of writing the vehicle coordinator to see if he can issue us Tauntans.

I LOVE the Walter Rayne book! Did you look through it? Man! I love how he really brings the people to life. It is very refreshing to see things depicted more the way it would have actually been, rather than plastic people posing. So good.

We had a great lesson with Peter yesterday. One of those ones where you're walking on air on the way back to the car afterward. Peter is Lillian's brother and Bao's son. I found him when I was last in Minneapolis. His heart is ready. We taught him about the Holy Ghost and what His role is and how we can recognize His presence and influence. We moved from that to the Restoration---something he had learned months ago and was vaguely familiar with. This time he was listening for a different reason. This time he had a better idea WHY we were teaching him about it---why it was important. He was smiling most of the lesson, and said he felt really good. When we recited Joseph's description of the first vision, we paused at the end for about 7 seconds. Nobody wanted to interrupt that feeling. We asked him how he felt, and if those feelings matched the fruits of the spirit found in Galatians. We then testified to Peter that the Spirit was confirming the truth of Joseph's experience to him. We asked him what he thought he should do next. He said, "I guess....baptism!" We told him that that is indeed a wise course of action. We read with him in Acts where the people who were pricked in their hearts ask Peter what they should do, and he tells them the next step is to repent and be baptized in the name of Christ. Now his family can all get baptized together! We're looking at the 10th of January. Hurrah for Israel!

I love you all lots and lots! The Book of Mormon is as beautiful as it is true!

-Elder Moua Ying

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