Saturday, March 14, 2009

from Jon 3/14/09

Subject: Huab cua pheej hloov

Nyob zoo!

Well, the work keeps a rollin', and the weather keeps oscillating.

The other day we experienced a Hmong blooper very similar to another one I think I may have told you about. During a dinner appointment, the topic of hunting and eating many different kinds of animals came up. The father began talking about the different kinds of monkeys he has hunted and eaten, and how different ones taste better than others. At one point, he said (in Hmong), "Oh, yes, I'm always happy when I hunt tasty monkey!" In Hmong, 'liab' means monkey, and 'qab' means tasty, but the phrase 'liabqab' means 'naked'. He didn't realize he had said anything unusual, and one of the Elders choked a little on his papaya salad and started shaking with semi-silent laughter, his face bright red. The rest of us started laughing too. The hosting family thought we were all laughing at the crimson-faced Elder because he couldn't handle the spicy salad. When we realized they still didn't get that the father had proudly announced that he enjoys hunting naked, we laughed even harder. Good times.

It turns out that Tou Choua and Misty still have some paperwork to do on their marriage license. They thought they only needed one more signature, but it turns out that there is a whole other set of papers they need to chew through. We postponed the baptism until they can get it sorted. This means Chor and Mee have more time to prepare, so we may be able to baptize the whole family together!

We've found a bunch of new people to teach, and many of them are still working on the concept of God---understanding who He is, why we need Him, how He can help us, etc. We have certainly experienced the benefits of teaching simply.

I love you much, keep being wonderful!
-Elder Moua Ying

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