Thursday, March 26, 2009

Notes from Sam -- 16 March 2009

Dear family,

Another busy week!

I think one of the best blessings has been our progress with the Bailey family (Lisa, Christian, and Cara). They are all still great. Their baptism date has been postponed temporarily (because Lisa needs to get married still) – Christian initially wanted to get baptized by himself on the 28th but after seeking revelation about it we decided he should wait and get baptized with the rest of his family. Now he’s encouraging his mum a lot to get things sorted out so they can all be baptized, and Cara’s also agreed to be baptized with her mum! Better yet, when we went to teach them on Friday one of their stepsisters, Jessie, was visiting for the weekend. She is 12 years old. We involved her in the lesson quite a bit, gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon, and invited her to church, and she came, with all the rest of them! Christian, Cara, and Lisa are all really comfortable at church now and seem to look forward to, and although Jessie was pretty nervous about going into Young Women’s all by herself she did fine too. At church Lisa told us that Jessie had the read the chapter we’d left her from the Book of Mormon a few times, once with Lisa. She is a great new investigator, and I think her involvement will help us to teach the dad (who is out a lot and very difficult to get involved in the lessons). It’s such a blessing to teach a family.

Gisela has kind of been dropped from our teaching pool at the moment, which is too bad, since she’s always so great when we can teach her. She just doesn’t keep appointments very well and she hasn’t come to church. We took three of the young single adults up to visit her the other day, but it turned out she’d gone to work at Primark (a big clothing store in city centre) without telling us. So we brought all the YSA to Primark so we could make contact with her at least and invite her to Institute. It felt quite weird to walk through the store on a non-P-day with a bunch of young single adults in tow! Unfortunately, we couldn’t find her even after searching the store, but the YSA were very understanding about it all. The university-age members of Newcastle ward really are great – Elder Garcia always says that he would love to be a YSA in this ward.

Another exciting development: we have a new ward mission leader, Tim Hooker! Tim is a recently returned missionary and is our number one fellowshipper (he was one of the three we took to see Gisela), so we already know him really well. We’re looking forward to doing a lot with him in the next four weeks.

Also, we got our car back! It is nice to be off the buses – we can now work in all different parts of our area without substantial travel time and we can take more members teaching (the ones without cars). But it was good to be out on the streets for a while and to come face to face with bus contacting again. I had a particularly good day of bus contacting right before we got the car back. Elder Garcia and I were on exchange with the Shrewsbury elders, and Elder Wheat and I were tracting a street in the evening when he felt prompted to go and ride buses for an hour instead, bus contacting as we went. So we did, and we were able to set up 2 great appointments, one on the bus and one by the bus stop in town as we waited for the one home. The next day on the way into town Elder Wheat cast his fears aside, went to the front of the bus, stood up, and started preaching to everyone! It was great to see. On the way home he challenged me to get up and preach, so I did! It was great – pretty scary at first, but not too bad once I got up. Missionary work can be so great sometimes.

I love you all! More stuff next week – sorry if this letter’s a bit shorter than usual.

Elder Pimentel

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